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Yarn loop making machine Model SXL-5022RT
Label Stitching machine
Model SK9-155
Full automatic reeling and loop making machine Model QKST

It's efficient way to make yarn loop for raw material edge on Andon reeling work.

  1. Only one action to stick in the material, machine work time requires for only 2 sec.
  2. Very thick yarn can be used.
  3. Stable loop size assures trouble free in next washing work.
It's the best way for Tugging work!
  • No pins, staples are used, only used thin thread.
  • Damage-free of one action stitch, stitch action finishes at one stitch for left and right.
  • Thin thread protects the original yarn even if the consumer tear-off the tug.
  1. It works speedy!
  2. Takes only about 1.5 second.
  3. It's easy as winkin

Full automatic raw fabric reeling and both edge binding machine.

Was it imaginable development?
  • It is the machine that accurate reeling and loop making can be carried out with it's ideal both edge arrangement system.
  • Edges should be aligned with very small error.
    Edge alignment should be assured, every stitches will stick within the raw fabric hem.
  • High speed arrangement can be done.
  • Finished fabric take out device, selvage manipulator automatic adjust system are available as option.




QKST series
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