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Model QHP-908
Model QHP-905

It's a versatile machine

  • Lower roller between long-arm post (off the arm) and cylinder-arm can be interchanged with one action. (Japan and US patent registered)
  • Indemnify taping quality to be actualized by the heated upper roller is only available with QHP machine, Particularly this mechanism shows it's true ability for taping of three layer tape onto three layer fabric.
  • Well-designed functional supplementary devices are available.
    1. Automatic tape cutter
    2. Tape tension releasing system
    3. Point marker
    4. Cross and end seam sealer
    5. Seam seal tester
  • Same concept with QHP-905 for control unit.

It's a progressive machine

  • All data such as Date, Time, Tape consumption, Time in use, Heater activation etc displays on the LCD screen.
  • All necessary data that needs in machine operation can be input from the touch panel.
  • Password operation become possible, machine operation data protects from unauthorized access.
  • Each upper and lower roller are driven individual motor, differential drive ratio eliminates puckering / creasing problem.
  • Self-diagnostic fault finding system is created, faults identified on LCD screen with suggested solutions.
  • Nozzle mount and movement is modified, nozzle can be positioned very accurately.
  • Full functional control for roller reverse turn, prevents seal skipping.
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