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High-frequency welding machine LW series
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Twin-head rotary table welding machine for emboss with titling

  • Full-automatic current controller controls rising-edge smoothly to prevent
    the material surface flash.
  • Rigin-edge controller controls anode-current completely, any material can be welded with this controller.
  • Ultra high-sensitive spark sensor stops the oscillation immediately to prevent damages the mold.
  • Titling foil take-out device provides easy and smooth access.
  • Rotary table lift-mechanism prevents wearing of table and lower electrode.
  • Dual Titling foil support system saves foil consumption.
  • High grade electrode temperature controller keeps temperature at high-precision levels.

Manual type small power welder

  • High efficiency small power welding machine (Out put power 3.6KW)
  • Assures easy operation and long-life mechanism.
  • Equipped with heater built-in upper electrode holder.
  • Automatic anode current controller controls anode current perfectly, always assures
    efficient and accurate work result.

Small size HF welding machines for special purpose

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