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Hot Wedge Welder
Model LHW-Z1

Weld, seal, Join, thermal plastic materials such as PVC, PE, PU, PP, etc supported or non-supported (Depends on the thickness) !

what-like thermal-plastic materials can be welded, sealed, joined !

Useful for Tarps, Tents, Awnings, Banners, Flags, Liners, Curtains, Covers, etc !

  • High efficiency temperature controller.
    Digital controller controls temperature at very high level stability.
  • Accurate material drive system.
    Materials are fed with both upper and lower roller with individually driven motor, roller-drive with deferential ratio is possible (Prevent puckering, Creasing)
  • Overlap joining, Hem welding, Hem with rope insertion welding, But joining, etc are available.
  • Special designed cartridge heater promises for a long life span.
  • Special designed machine head provides easy operation for any wide width sheet joining.
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