Welcome to the Heat Sealing World

Belt feed system Heat sealer

Automatic multiple head heat sealer
Model LHP-1W24T

Wide with sheet joining/hemming machine
with unique over head support arm

Model LHP-W707-OA

Wide width plastic film sheet sealing machine
Model LHP-W703 / LHP-W705


Every heat sealer has fundamentally following abilities.

  • Wide width seal area is available.
    20mm (W703 / automatic machine)
    40mm (W705 / W707-OA)
  • Higher heat-bar temperature can be set.
    Room to 280 C degree.
  • High efficiency built-in heater are prepared.
    2 (W705 / Automatic machine) or 4 (W705 / W707-OA) pieces of 500W cartridge heaters used in every heat-bar.
  • Maximum of heat-bar numbers.
    Every head has each 2 pieces of upper and lower heat-bar (Total 4 heat-bar)
  • Effective cool system is provided.
    Forced-air or circulating water cool system is available.
  • Others.
    Feed speed temporally deduction system.
    Delay-timer for machine start / stop time.
    Belt error sensor. Etc.
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