Welcome to the Heat Sealing World

Wide width sheet joining / hemming machine
with unique over head support arm

Model LHP-W707-OA

It's all round player !

High efficiency performance !

Seals from thin to thick film / sheet
with wide seal width 20 or 40mm !

Unwrinkled finish shall get with cooling system (Forced-air or Circulating water) !

High quality sealing result !

It's long on ideas !
Wide open head support pillar presents easy access to machine head.

  • High powered heated bar system actualizes high performance heat seal work in stead of traditional method such as HF welding machine or Hot air heat sealing machine.
  • Ultra wide width seal enables (20mm or 40mm).
  • Any kind of heat reversible film / sheet is able to seal, because of using heated bar.
  • Working environment will become clean and ease, no dangerous or gassy machine is operated.
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