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Hot-air system heat-sealing machine
LHA series
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Long arm machine for general use

Long-arm basic model

Equipped with 3 KW heater.
ozzle width available 20/30/40mm (Take one).
Throat depth 1000mm
Upper and lower both rollers are driven and available to be driven with differential ratio.
Nozzle moving direction can be changed for rightward to leftward or front to rear.
Various applications are available for intended-use

Manual type spiral duct machine
Long arm for spiral duct making purpose machine.

Equipped 3KW nozzle heater with special designed upper roller to be fitting with extruded wire-cover.
And also provides large-size lower roller and cylinder arm for easy work.
It can be operating with one person for making ventilation duct from small to big size.
Sealing speed should be about from 2m/min. to 10m/min.
(Depends on your material nature)

Multiple purpose hot air sealer
Special designed head for sheet joining

Special designed "Z" shaped arm machine.
Available for various sheet joining and hemming, particularly for sheet joining.
Special arm design provides that any width material can be joining with easy work.
From thin to thick materials can be joining with very easy work.
Nozzle opening is 40mm, sealing roller width is 45mm.
Upper and lower both rollers are driven, differential drive speed setting for both rollers are available.

Ultra long arm machine
Big cylinder arm machine

Machine for making large size duct, it has 2000mm length throat depth.
Special roller behavior is provided.
The direction of upper and lower roller is variable to be fitting for spiral wire specification.
All rollers are driven individually.
Recommendable for making mine air tube, air duct for machine exhaust, etc.

Semi-Running type
Flexible container bag production system

A kind of flexible container bag is made from polyethylene laminated polyethylene woven cloth.
We have been supplying these machines for manufacturer who were entering into this business field.
If you are interesting on this field please feel free to contact us, we can supply the machinery any of your need for making water proof semi-running type flexible container bag from cutting to finish.

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