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Automatic length cross cutter

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Simplified multiple function
Model LCT-S210

  • Low cost simplified cutter.
  • Cuts industrial fabric materials such as tarps, tents, awnings, etc.
  • Possible to slit the fabrics for tape.
  • Saves working space. (Compact shape)
  • Saves man power. (Automatic cut, line, slit function)
  • Improves productivity.
  • Reduction of working hours.

Length cross cutter with layer-stack
marking devices and heat-cut function
Model LCT-V2172AH-RT
  • Cuts various laminated woven cloths with heated-knife.
  • Prevents cut-material edge from the snag.
  • Makes point-mark to give an indication of following work.
  • Stacks the material automatically.
  • Slits material edge with heated-knife (Model LSC-M210MH).
  • Unwinds automatically from a big roll (Max. 1000mm or 1Ton)
  • Adaptable with CAM that is marketed from various manufacturers.
  • Particularly would like to recommend to use in Flexible-Bag maker.

Tube material heat cutter without material stick
Model LHP-HCM200E

  • Cuts various tube materials (woven or non-woven).
  • Cuts at intended length without upper and lower material edge being stuck.
  • Cuts from thin to heavy materials.
  • Marking device is available.
  • Stacking device also available.
  • 200 mm cutter width.
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